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Bringing Sewn Mono-Prints to Life

For more than 20 years, artist Joy Herhold brought art to the world through the loom. As a weaver, she handcrafted tapestries and pictorial rugs through a technique called shaft-switching. She composed on the loom as the musician composes with notes. At one point, she had five looms in her workspace to let her art flourish, and she pulls from that ability to compose for her current artwork. Her sewn mono-prints are made from the living fibers of paper and threads. Joy feels that each has its own voice which can raise the vibration of a space as well as enhance the decor.

Raven Hearted

In-Depth Artistry Combined

When Joy moved to Prescott, AZ, in 2000, she began to explore a more fluid expression in ink and paper. This led to a Yavapai College printmaking class and a fascination with making mono-types on beautiful paper. The head of art printmaking at the college encouraged her to explore sewing on the prints, and she began putting her talents together.

At first, her creations were simple, and over time her unique artwork blossomed by incorporating printmaking, weaving, and sewing to produce dazzling stitched images on paper. This technique, which she created herself, stems from a love of sewing, paper, and fibers. It is a level of artistry that far surpasses the component skills.

Her work is pieced together paper with mono-types which are sewn with machine stitching and stabilized with a good backing. The compressed satin stitches become the brushwork that develops this art. Joy's mission for her art is to have an unlimited creative voice with fibers and paper. It also provides her an avenue for sharing her love for using the sewing machine as an art tool.