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About Joy Herhold

Creating art is an organic process which incorporates elements of this and expands upon that. It is not rooted in one spot, it is fluid, and Joy Herhold captures that fluidity and life by combining the purity of fibers with the expressiveness of printmaking. When you learn about Joy Herhold, you will see that her story and the story of her art are one and the same. For over 50 years, Joy has been exploring art and creating pieces which carry her visions to the world through Joy Herhold Art. She shares the energy of her artwork with an eye toward having it inspire and speak to the viewer.

Gaias Rain

As an art teacher at a K-8 school, Joy takes her passion for working with students and shares it through the unlimited creativity she has to offer them. That creativity also carries on through making artwork which is a blend of printmaking on high-quality paper and sewing it with satin stitches. She developed this technique herself by building upon extensive experience as a weaver and melding it with the skills she developed through printmaking classes.

She feels that paper, threads, and ink work together naturally. Ink textures, in the boundaries of the stencils, have expressions of their own. In sewing, every stitch has a strong expression of itself, and Joy brings them all together to harmonize a song of their own.

Joy uses her artwork as a vehicle to uplift the world. She feels that there is enough darkness out there, and her goal is to be surprising, creative, silly, and sublime, all at once to express her love for people and add light to humanity.

Joy's art is on display at Arts Prescott, 134 S. Montezuma Street, Prescott, AZ. Original framed artwork is $500-600 and prints framed are $50-$125.